Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Worth-Ryder Gallery Exhibition

I have class in Kroeber Hall on campus every Tuesday and Thursday, which is technically the art building although a lot of art history classes are taught in a couple of the lecture halls. I always forget that there's a pretty wild and inventive community of "budding young artists" (ugh, I hate the word budding) that lives right across the hall from where I listen to my ridiculously brilliant professor expound upon the nature of 20th century sculpture, &c. But today I ventured bravely into the Worth-Ryder Gallery, which has a new student show every two weeks or so, and look what I found!

First, a collaborative work by seven female artists. The class that put on the show is focused around installation; it was so funny that I happened to see this particular exhibition today because my lecture immediately prior to my viewing concerned the evolution of the installation. This collaborative piece reminds me a little bit of Colombian artist Doris Salcedo's installation of 1550 chairs in the space previously occupied by a city building. Mostly because of the yarn holding everything together, I think. 

chaotic overview

Everything sort of feels....tightly held together, like it would all topple over without the yarn. And the COLORS! Check out these details:

chaotic but held

chaotic in pink

chaotic in light and shadow

And that was only the collaborative work! I unfortunately don't have artists' names for these solo pieces, but I'll try to go back and find out. This first solo piece is a giant man's shirt made of sewn-together, cut-up men's shirts. It hangs from the ceiling and looks as if it's about to move, like a puppet on a string.

men's shirt

And this is a veritable forest of what seem to be strings, which hang to about shoulder height (on me!). The viewer is forced to choose whether to walk through the hanging fibers or duck under; I chose to walk through. 

it brushes your cheeks

a butterfly kiss

And a video, because this one was too cool and too subtle not to see in motion:

Expert Spotting

expert spotting

Whatever could it mean?

This is all that remains of a spontaneous night.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oakland Art Murmur, March 7th 2008

Who says there aren't artsy things to do here?? The lovely Alison and I went to the Oakland Art Murmur last night at a bunch of the galleries (including Mama Buzz Cafe, pictured at left) around 23rd and Telegraph.

I unfortunately didn't snap any pictures of the amazingly dressed/artsy folk we saw there, but it was incredibly fun and wonderful to see that there really is a pretty solid art scene in Oakland, so close to home. Berkeley, to be honest and to fall into the teenage vernacular which is so appropriate at this juncture, really kind of sucks. Besides Gilman, it's sort of turned into a combination of the boring college kids who want to go to frat parties and get wasted, and settled-down families (who do keep the Gourmet Ghetto alive and kicking, so I have a certain fondness for them). I guess Oakland is where it's at - thank God for the 1 and the 51, eh?

Garage Sale Haul

So my friend Arica is going to Europe on Thursday (the lucky girl), and she decided to clean out a bunch of stuff from her basement. Actually, a ton of it is her mom's stuff from the 70s and 80s, so I found about a million things I liked and wanted!

First, a light blue silky nightshirt that I am probably going to end up wearing as a dress, a black purse (it has a shoulder strap, I just tucked it in for aesthetic photographing reasons!) and a blue purse (ditto the strap).

FABULOUS maroon/brown oxford shoes, a bit tight but absolutely worth it. The toes will stretch out a bit once I wear them! I've been looking around for shoes like this ever since I saw these at Forever21 (but too shiny and too high of a heel pour moi) and these and these on The Face Hunter. And I finally found some! I'm still on the lookout for these and these, though (photos from The Face Hunter as well).

A bunch of NGs for collaging, a copy of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, some stamps, and a wicked turquoise belt with polka dots.

And then a fabulous late 80s/early 90s cropped blazer, that looks like this in the front... (sorry for the terrible photo)

And THIS in the back!!! How amazing is that??

And last but certainly not least, a real fur/leather white coat! It's so fabulous, I'm going to wear it everywhere. Of course, as soon as I WANT it to be chilly enough for me to wear it, it's sunny here...silly Berkeley! Not that I'm not loving the sun :) I think I've said this before; you know how some people have a shoe problem? Yeah, well, I have a coat problem.

All in all, a pretty good haul for a garage sale, huh?

Friday, March 7, 2008

a night when the sky is green

I walked home the other night, alone, and it was so empty that for once I could hear myself thinking.

I stood in the middle of the street, and looked every which way...this one had the most colors.

And the sky really was green.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Was Dry

We had an adventure on Wednesday! 
I made dinner (Mediterranean lemon soup/stew, a light vegetable salad, toasted whole wheat pita with herbed goat cheese, and Belgian chocolate pudding for dessert).

I borrowed my roommate's car, and we tried to go to a house party/hipster show, but it was too sketchy. And the address we were looking for didn't exist.

We drove by a laundromat that advertised something rather strange.

We're going to go back at 00:00 and check it out.