Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Coolest Watch in the World

This gives the Coolest Watch of All Time a run for its money, especially since this one was free and I own it.

don't you wish YOU were a seven year old boy?

They Are Everywhere

he hides in the bushes, his name is cheney

Frisky Pterodactyl

Steve is such a slut for Natalie and alison. Gawd.

steve gets around

Portland is FIlled With Light

No, I am not sick of posting Portland pictures. Finals week does not equal lots of time for playing around Berkeley and Oakland and stocking up on new stuff. (and once again, as always, there is alt text with the images!)

a spot in the center of your vision

a field of pinpricks

see them bathe in it

the tent, it beckons

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is what the inside of a dinosaur looks like

it's an interesting story.

A Primordial Cave Sculpture From the Dawn of Time

it stands alone

It Quietly Slips Away

Here one moment....

solid one moment

Gone the next.

but here, even the ground evaporates with the rain


she looks into light

and turns away

Seen in Portland in May

Why is his heart black?

the tin man

Two cute boys saw me taking a picture of this:

it is lonely, here

They offered to take a picture of me and alison in front of the mural, and I foolishly declined without thinking. Silly me!

dream and death are in good company

This was some Reedie girl's senior thesis project, painted on the walls right outside Reed's comic book reading room/library. On the other walls are Storm and Phoenix (I think in its Jean Grey incarnation), and Batman and Robin, and I think a few others but I don't remember.

I've begun Sandman, and it is AMAZING. Everyone should read it. But not before bed :)

Batesville Motel?

they are sending mixed messages

Yes, that does say both "Batesville Casket Company" AND "Please Drive Safely." You'd think they'd get slightly more business if they eliminated the second message.....Aw CRAP. I'm going to hell now.

alison is 5

she is rita today

miss alison!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Battle of Mountains

so it begins

who will be the victor?

a sad spectacle

Serge Hambourg

I spent a few minutes after my last lecture today speaking to my GSI, just wrapping up the course in my own head and telling her what a great job she's done as an instructor. One thing she mentioned was that I showed a sort of knack for descriptive journalistic writing, which I have always enjoyed. (I say this without ego - I am merely repeating her words.)

After speaking with her (and eating lunch at the lovely Cafe Muse, of course), I spent the rest of my break between lectures exploring the bowels of the Berkeley Art Museum. Since I've written two papers on the Borderlandia exhibition alone, which has been running since mid-February, I've somewhat neglected the rest of the museum. So I spent some time looking at the collection of Serge Hambourg's photos from the Paris clash of 1968, and of course I gave in and bought the gorgeous catalogue (which is, as we speak, arranged lovingly on my bookshelf which is already overflowing). 

serge hambourg, paris 1968

I've been unable to find most of the images online, so I'll provide a description of the work: Hambourg (at the time a photographer for a French tabloid magazine) photographed in black and white the riots and protests that eventually led to the fall of the French de Gaulle government. The photographs themselves are artfully captured images of the face of the revolution and of the sentiment that powered the movement itself. The protesters were of all classes and creeds, but there was an enormous student faction that was wildly successful in its actions.

serge hambourg, paris 1968

Of course most of my favorite images were those I was unable to find online, and which were the most revealing as to the strong student presence in the Paris protests of 1968. I guess what I found compelling when I viewed the entire exhibition was this glimpse of what a student revolution would actually look like. I go to the University of California, Berkeley, which everyone knows is a hotbed for revolutionary action and reformist fervor. Right? Wrong. The Berkeley of the 1960s and 1970s was an important base of operations for student movements fighting for a range of causes, but the students here now (sadly, myself more often than not included) are more occupied with creative ways to get A's without working for it than championing the weak and the oppressed. 

serge hambourg, paris 1968

In Hambourg's photographs, I identify with these students who, dissatisfied with their government, united in revolutionary fervor. And yet I am saddened by the fact that this kind of revolution seems so impossible in the United States of today, where students are often dismissed as children and no one really cares. What Hambourg's photos (and any kind of documentation of various student movements of the 1960s) make me really want is this kind of unitary action on the part of today's students. Are we so spread out as a generation that fighting effectively for a cause is impossible?

The Art Machine

We put ourselves through it but we came out the same...

the art machine

...I guess we're already perfect.

Who are they really?

furries on segways?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

People Are Insane

An assortment of colorful, eclectic, and wacky attire from Renn Fayre!

the prettiest princess of all

a bajillion patterns

i want a tufty skirt like this

pabst hat ftw

not trouser snake....skirt snake? euw.

hannah montana clock + dreads = win

and last but not least:

hedgehog hat!
to home again

The light was beautiful, the air looked almost green, and it was warm warm warm at night for the first time in forever.

Happy Creature

This creature is so happy - it looks nothing like them, but it reminds me of the Kodama from Princess Mononoke.

happy creature

Also, I can't remember where I found it - if anyone wants to climb inside my brain and remind me, feel free :)

Two (Four?) Feet

This one, I was going no place but here:

feet here

And this one, I was going home:

feet going home

A Few Moments in the Transit Station

It's always so empty, solitary - I feel like the only person in the world who has decided to travel over the bay. And there are so many destinations - sometimes I want to get on a bus that isn't mine and just go somewhere I've never been before.

they cross like elbows

or legs draped