Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Innovative Take on a Traditional Dish

Visited Barlata in Oakland for the first time a few weeks ago with my mom, and was relatively pleased. The one thing I thought was really spectacular was the restaurant's take on Spanish boquerones.

Boquerones are a savory dish, usually prepared with filleted, olive-oil-vinegar-and-garlic-marinated anchovies served on or with crusty bread. Marche aux Fleurs in Ross has a particularly spectacular version. Barlata, however, served us boquerones made with the anchovies laid on a bed of sliced pears, and topped with a shaved cheese (manchego?). Plus, we got a basket of warm, crusty bread on the side. The fish was slightly lemony, and the flavors and textures together were really an interesting and new take on an old dish. Bravo!

4901 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA